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Trumpeter Swordfish 1:32

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Looking better at the portwing I think I finally understand how it works. Now I should make up my mind of cutting the ailerons or not. To be continued.....

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I decided not to cut out the ailerons so I went on with the wings. I cut away the brackets at the rigging because these were more then 0.5mm thick which is way overscaled. I will replace these with 0.25mm styreen. Also the holes were filled en I will make smaller holes because Trumpeter made a mistake with the rigging. In the picture below you will see that Trumpeter wants you to place PE1, PE2 and PE3. In all my references I can't find these and Thomas Lund also warned me about this.






I decided to glue the rightwings and leftwings but I'll glue these to the fuselage when everything is sprayed in color


The handle for folding the wings is replaced with PE




When you glue everything together (without the rigging that is) it looks like this




A litlle putty is still needed.

Upper center wing with some PE




The fuselage after priming. The oilcooler is till dryfit. This wil also be glued after spraying.




At last a dryfit because i want to place the rigging with everything in place. Just to prefent some misallignment.




I also had a little setback. I wanted to make the torpedo but when I wanted to take the sprue out of the box I noticed there wasn't any sprue P. I looked very carefully, I searched my hole room but I couldn't find it. Bummer. I went to the LHS and told the problem. They will contact the importer to see if they can get a replacement sprue. I also contacted the customerservice of Trumpeter. I don't have high hopes but you never know. So, if you own this kit please check if sprue P is present before you are going to build it. 

I will check the net for measurements and will try to make a torpedo from scratch because i really want a torpedo under the plane.


Thanks for watching 


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Last 2 weeks i spent time building but forgot to take pictures. I rigged the wings, made the landing gear and the the tail wheel.

The landing gear got some PE.




The wheels are from Mastercasters and i think they look real nice.




The tail wheel however is not so nice. The axel looks crooked.




This was not acceptable so i drilled a hole through the wheel and the bracket.


Then I took some 0.6mm brass tube and made an axel




When assembled itlooks much better. ( For such a small part)




Then I sprayed everything in mr surfacer grey. I'm looking forward to spray some color.


Some small parts




Some bigger parts



And a dryfit





I will try to make some more in progress pics


Thanks for looking




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Painting has started. First I sprayed the oilcooler. I use Hobby color as paint and I really like it. I can spray indoors, even when it's cold because you don't really smell the paint.

For the cooler I used steel with a drop or 2 copper. when you turn it in the light it gets different shades,







Then I went for the exhaust ring. I wanted to try to paint some heat stains. The exhaust is made of copper so that is the first layer.




Then I toke some clear blue, 




Followed by clear orange.




Finally i did some layers of grey smoke to darken the copper and try to blend the colors a bit. All it needs now is a coat of matt clear to get rid of the shine.




For the first try i am happy with it. If you see something to do better the next time, please tell me. Every comment is usefull and appreciated


Thanks for watching



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Everything in the pictures is stil a dryfit Alain. When I glue everything together the lowerwings should be straight.

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When I was looking at my references I saw that the exhaust was way too light. It had to be much darker.


Below my reference warpaint series nr 12. I am going to do the 4H




So I took some matt black en made the exhaust darker.




I am still seeing the copper, blue en orange so I am very happy with this.


Yesterday I sprayed paint on the wings and the fuselage. It seems like a strange color but I think it is the correct one. This is sky (duck egg green)








I let this dry at least till tomorrow before I wil mask it and spray another color. Better save than sorry.


Thanks for watching




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