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Very interesting model. I had to look up what a Casa 235M actually was!  Actually an attractively shaped airplane, with some very cool paint options







Do you know what livery you are going with yet?

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Hi Brian, it'll actually be very close to the picture shown above! same scheme and markings...if I complete it

This is the slope of the roof that should be flat, or it causes an anhedral angle of the wing


the wing root is too thick.


thinned a bit (both sides)


fuselage built up sanding and filling in progress, radome attached and faired in



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work continues tonight, well, it continued tonight but stopped now. I've added shims and supports here and there to help hold the cargo doors in place, the bottom door is all but done, the upper door needs much more work.

I also had a fuselage misalignment but that was possibly my fault. 





the upper door has been my biggest problem so far.

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Thanks Brian

with heading into the weekend I'm hoping to get some time at the bench and take a chunk out of this kit! Best laid plans...

Test fits of the wings and empennage is encouraging though. So maybe these doors will be the tough spot? (he said in blissful ignorance) Still, it's quite an interesting kit and aircraft.


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Thanks for looking at my build and the encouraging words!

Some progress has been made but it's slow going, while fitting the engine nacelles to the wings I found the nacelles have airfoil curves to fit the wing but the airfoil seems to be on the wrong side of the nacelles, where the top should be curved to fit the top curve of the wing, the bottoms of the nacelles actually fit the tops of the wings better than the right way round. I sawed the nacelles in half made each half fit the wing then attach the engine component to the attached nacelles. Lots of super glue, filling sanding and repeating, primer will likely show more flaws needing work next, I attached the wings to the fuselage, an easy job compared to some of the work so far. Although the starboard wing is 3mm higher than the port wing at the tip so, my adjustments were not quite sufficient on one side or, too ambitious on the other side? In any case the model appears to have 0° dihedral viewed nose on (my ultimate goal) After all that I began fitting the horizontal stabs. a quick test fit found them to be not too good a fit, nor are they symmetrical in span chord or thickness. I briefly contemplated scratching my own from some .080" sheet plastic but just as quickly dismissed that idea, I began scraping and sanding the joining area of the stabs. to fuse. area to get the best fit (now attained) and will pin and glue them tomorrow. I already went the route with the vertical stab so I think it'll fit when the time comes and that's the last of the big airplane shaped bits that need to be fitted, next will be props spinners wheels and such, should be a cake walk right? 

here's a view of the nacelles viewed upside down


attempting to fit a nacelle


nacelle split and attached to the wing


nose on view


top view


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Hi Brian

My thinking as well, a neat looking design. I've pre -ordered his ATR's coming out early/mid next year. Similar design but unlimited civil livery. I have the Broplan vac kits already but they're rough...

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