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Wingnut Wings Junkers D.I and Aviattic Marienfelde (Part 1 AND Part 2 of diorama)

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On Kevin's advice, I will be merging the build of the Aviattic Marienfelde in 1/32 to this thread in order to keep everything in context and not have to have split thread in two forum sections. I will add the description of the Marienfelde build below the Wingnut wings Junkers text. Enjoy everyone



Hey guys...

Been super busy lately and didn't really get a chance to post anything, or to build as much as i would have liked, to be honest. 


Let me present to you Wingnut Wings's lovely all metal monoplane. I built this as a side project with two great friends, Lebanese master modellers Bernard Bassous and Imad Bou Antoun, both regular contributors to international magazines and recognized top tier gentlemen. The Junkers will eventually be placed in a diorama we are working on collaboratively. 
In addition to the kit's contents i have extensively scratch built engine components such as the spark advance and throttle/throttle body,  the propeller hub retainer, used Barracudacast intake manifold, the Rexx albatros metal exhaust (at the time of the build, Rexx hadn't started selling the Junkers D.I specific exhaust), Taurus valves and rockers, Taurus spark plugs, Albion alloy tubing, Gaspatch turnbuckles and Master brass barrels amongst others. The tubing is from Bob's Buckles as always. Custom masks are courtesy of my silhouette plotter. All paints are Alclad II and MRP for general paint, and Tamiya and Gunze for detail painting. Uschi leather decals were also used on the build along with their metallic pigments. Weathering was done using mainly pigments, colored pencils and products from Ammo Mig. This is only part one of the diorama and coming up soon should be the Aviattic 1/32 Marienfelde truck to complete my contribution to the planned diorama. Of note, this is the first model i have photographed with my new photo setup rig so i am hoping the photo quality has improved!
I would like to thank Sukerumodera for their kind support providing me with the required Ammo Mig products during the build phase!


As always, stay safe and happy modeling!




One of the rare times i have ventured into building a vehicle rather than building my usual preference of aircraft. The Marienfelde and the figures are the second and final part of my contribution to the collaborative diorama i am building in cooperation with Lebanese master modellers Bernard Bassous and Imad Bou Antoun.
I present you the Aviattic Daimler Marienfelde in 1/32 scale. The kit is multimedia composed of resin parts, brass and acetate sheeting. I will not be reviewing the kit itself but i can tell you the parts are a mixed bag in terms of quality of the castings, and i can only recommend this kit to the advanced modeller. My kit came with 3 missing parts, the drum brakes were nowhere to be found, as well as one of the stowage boxes. The kit required a substantial amount of cleanup before assembly specially on the chassis and the wheels which had deep mold marks from the resin casting process. I scratchbuilt the drum brakes with styrene and scratchbuilt alot of other small details in order to enhance the overall look of the finished flatbed. I modified the flatbed as an infield modification carried out during the late stages of the Great War in order to add visual interest and also in order to be able to place the tail of the Junkers D1 in a position that would be suitable for the diorama and for the setting in relation to the figures. Woodgraining was done using oils on the inside of the cab, RB templates on the truck bed. All detail painting was done with tamiya and gunze paints, the outside of the truck was painted with tamiya paints and i tried representing the blotched appearance by using multiple layers and mixes of variations of the field gray colors. The metallics were all painted using alclad paints and MRP metallics. Weathering was achieved with AMMO mig products and oil paints kindly provided by Sukerumodera. Further weathering was done using pigments and prismacolor color pencils. 
The wheels and the chassis haven't been weathered as to give Bernard and Imad the chance to weather them in a way that will allow the truck and Junkers to be better integrated to the diorama base. The figures are from Czech company Black Dog and are resin, except for the truck driver which came with the Aviattic kit. This was also my first time painting figures and it took me three days until i settled with a technique for painting faces which i found worked for me, being a mixed of airbrushing, brush painting and oil transitions. The resin duck next to the driver is from a producer which i can't recall the name of now, and it is a throwback to one of my nicknames which adds a bit of a personal touch to the build. The leaves on the flatbed are from PlusModels of Czech Republic. The wood planks that cover the trailer chassis end are cut pieces of wood veneer and the chains are 1/35 armor chains from different producers, which have been burnished. Stay tuned for the final reveal of the diorama once we bring the whole project under way.
All photos have been taken with my new EOS Rebel T3i and the studio light setup.




































Edited by karimb
Addition of Aviattic marienfelde text and images

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24 minutes ago, Out2gtcha said:

Love it my friend!


Those REXx exhausts are truly phenomenal.  Excellent job!


Thanks Brian for the kind words...wish i had waited for the Junkers specific release exhaust but i think they look pretty much close so it had to do!

Thanks again for stopping by!

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37 minutes ago, LSP_Kevin said:

Fantastic work, mate! Great photography, too.




Thanks Kev for taking the time to leave a kind word my friend!

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Superb finish - especially on the leather parts and engine!
What lighting setup do you use for your photos?

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2 hours ago, seiran01 said:

No surprise to see it’s nicer than nice!

glad to see you back at the bench Karim, drop me a line when you have time. Feel like I’m traveling this month as much as you do- New Orleans this week


Mike its really good to hear from you my friend!

I was going to drop you and Scott a line but you know how things are when you wake up every other day in a different country!

Thank you so much for the kind words and taking the time to leave a word. 

Expect an email from me in the next few days and most of all stay safe with all the traveling buddy!



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1 hour ago, Fanes said:

Superb finish - especially on the leather parts and engine!
What lighting setup do you use for your photos?



thanks for the kindness in your comment. 

I use studio lights which i got off ebay for a decent price. Its overkill i know but it works a charm with relatively 'normal' size 1/32 kits and would work perfectly fine with stuff up to 1/18th scale. This is the setup. The backdrop in the photo is cloth and i have since changed it to paper. The size of the background rig is expandable to 3.5 meters in length.



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21 minutes ago, LSP_Ray said:

Wow, beautiful finishes; NMF, engine, weathering, the lot! Intrigued in seeing the finished diorama for sure!




Thanks for the kind comments and for taking the time to leave a word... this kit was nothing but fun...

I am now working on the Aviattic Marienfelde and its requiring a different skillset of which i am also enjoying the challenge!


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