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Lanc has landed

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On 12/12/2018 at 9:26 AM, Markjames1968 said:

well wow, call out for Spruebros


I am in UK, wasn't willing to risk the lanc getting here to our wholesalers before xmas and couldn't bet a definitive answer other than we thin k so,....so when I heard they had landed in America and were available, I checked with Spruebros and they confirmed they were happy to help,


Ordered the kit sunday night, it arrived from the states on Wednesday AM for 50 dollars shipping via FEDEX!! am buzzin!!


in total including import duty and shipping from Spruebros in the states  cost me £380, cheaper than quite a few places in UK and before the UK importer has even got them!!



WOOOOHOOOO xmas build time!!! thanks Spruebros, am amazed at the speed!!

Got mine for £340 posted from Veteranus, delivered the day after they got them in. Very happy bunny.

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5 hours ago, mozart said:

Only by the "armchair experts" Cees but not by rational people. :) 


4 hours ago, Cees Broere said:

Sounds like a very rational conclusion.



I also think for those who dont like the oil canning/stressed skin look, it will remain a good choice as well. 

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4 minutes ago, Robthepom said:

with the amount of kits I've seen on social media and forums, they must be close to selling out the first batch, maybe


I touched base with a local store owner a couple of days ago, who told me that his allocations were selling 'brilliantly'.



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One of the Aussie retailers was saying that they had sold the first 2000 to shops/distributors worldwide so when the clear fuse edition is gone its gone.

Glad to see HK getting some money back on what is generally a very nice kit.

Far from money wasted and yea if you dont want a stressed skin looking Lanc its a great kit.

And it has two of the high time Lancs that flew some of the most dangerous missions of the war and they are RAAF machines to boot.

Just need Mick Martins dambuster now and the RAAF Lancaster collection is complete!



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Hi everyone.. well, I was gonna hold out for the WNW, but having seen this one in Antics.. in the flesh shouting "BUY ME" I couldnt say no, and it was £349.


I've done a quick review on my Youtube channel..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f583jAVRwZE Watch the video, you'll see why it's a "quick" review. Full review on the way later today, Sat December 22nd, just instructions, decals, PE and clears to start with.I have noticed something which is a little scary.. the teardrops on the sides of the canopy are separate parts??? WTF??? 


I also notice there are more parts on the clear sprues than the instructions cover? like two bombadier blisters and the bulge under the belly??


Having looked around the net at images of the real lancs out there and going through my pile of books on the subject I must admit, perhaps the canning is not as big an issue as we think?? I do wish it had raised rivets though.


Please tell me, is it "Fact" that the clear fuselage parts are a one off as they used the moulds for the clear parts and then added the rivet detail to the moulds rendering them useless for the clear parts.






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