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Are there any WNW kits you’d like to see reboxed?

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36 minutes ago, Dave Williams said:

Just the W.29 in an individual box to get a second one.  Not interested in getting the Felixstowe combo kit.


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One thing I would add to the discussion is that I am not happy with WNW's decision to only provide a single set of markings for most of the re-released kits. 

If they are going to package the kits with only a single decal option, I wish they would also put original kit decals back in production when the re-release comes out.


Re-releasing decals has to be a rather straight forward affair; the artwork is done, just a question of asking Cartograf to bang out another production run.  


I wish they would do that for all of their decals to be honest.


It's silly IMO that some of the decals they offer are "sold out".  Not sure why they can't keep manufacturing them in smaller batches or whatever. 



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What kits took the longest to sell out?


How many kits of each type were made?


It would be interesting to know these things.  I know the Alb Trilogy went fast...  bought one myself.  But how many did they churn out compared to the other Alb fighter versions?


But only having purchased four WNW kits...  I wouldn't mid being able to buy many that I missed.  And I sure.y don't want to have to buy them all today...lol



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