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T-45C Goshawk 1/32nd Scale Revell kit Conversion

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On 12/7/2018 at 4:03 PM, josh said:

beautiful bird......students revenge, no gear down??


The answer is a few posts back....


14 hours ago, aircommando130 said:

That's awesome! Love that inflight stand! Isn't that the same airplane the Navy pilots went on strike and refused to fly because of the O2 generation system not working? 




There have been going issues with the OBOGS systems in every jet that has them.  F-22, F-18, Harrier, T-45 I'm sure others.  Couple of F-22 guys took themselves of flight status and made the problems public.  But not strike....that doesn't happen n the military.  Flying is voluntary though doing that is career ender and you still owe time; so you could be the basket ball inflater at the gym for a few years until your commitment is up.  Always better not to hold on too tight and lose the edge.

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Great build Tim, and very interesting blog, as I am just building the Revell Hawk T.1A, I would be interested in buying a set of the vinyl MDC parts off you if you still have the pattern, I have no confidence in using the kit decal

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