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RF-101 model At Smithsonian

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The model is lovely but please, somebody, straighten the all-moving tail. That's even beyond its limits.


Secretly hoping Kitty Hawk scales up its RF-101C next year, as murmured in a rumour.






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just because
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That whole section of the museum is about to be renovated.  Over heard the tour guide telling his crowd to get a good look since it will all be gone soon.  

I want to see how the are going to get the U-2 out of the room. 

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15 hours ago, Jennings Heilig said:

I believe Bruce Radebaugh built that.  I know Mark Young built the SR-71.  Proud to say both of them are good friends of many decades!

Yup, Bruce's 101. Says so at bottom of info tag. Great modeler!

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46 minutes ago, Jennings Heilig said:


Same way they got it in


Ok wise guy!  Actually walking the place I kept wondering how the got all the airplanes in there.  I guess they have a wall they can take out since there are no big roll up doors or hanger doors. 

Interactive displays were all in need of some serious maintenance.  Quality of glass displays was amazing.  Bonded and polished edges on everything.  Looked like one formed piece of glass. 

All video displays were very old technology that really needs updating too. 

Have to go back in a few years since they just started renovations last month.   Excited to see what the future holds for the place. 

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Most of the larger aircraft were put in the building before it was completely finished.  Interior walls were built around them.  

There was actually serious consideration given to removing all of the contents of the museum and demolishing the building and starting over.  That's how bad shape it's in.  The original contractor got away with murder on it in 1976.  In the end they decided it was better to try to rehabilitate it, but it will still require massive amounts of work in disassembling and moving artifacts in and out.  The entire end wall of the building facing toward the White House (and the castle) can be removed.  It's not structural.  

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