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LSP Christmas Raffle 2018


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OK, folks, time to kick off our Christmas raffle for the year, but first, a few basic rules/guidelines we would encourage all to follow/observe.


Please read all of these guidelines very carefully, as we’d like this to go a smooth as possible for us all, and observing the guidelines, will most certainly help in this regard.


Note: This will be one large, all-encompassing drawing, not dozens of mini-drawings, so entering the drawing for very specific items, will not take place.



  1. Firstly, only LSP kits and related AM items will be accepted as donations (books and magazines are OK, so long as they are aviation related). Photos of donated items would be most appreciated, though not essential, and can be sent to me, using my email address from the home page, or posted by the donor in the thread proper.
  2. No one is required to donate anything in order to be enrolled in the raffle as a possible recipient. Participation at any level, is a matter of personal choice, with degree of that participation being solely at the discretion of the individual member. *
  3. Whatever you may choose to donate, you will be responsible for physically shipping the item(s), so please bear this in mind. Since there is absolutely no guarantee that recipient will live in your own country, shipping costs should be considered for all items donated, prior to making this commitment.
  4. LSP is prepared to offer limited shipping assistance (financial), to those that may require it. (This applies to international shipping specifically and exclusively, as local costs should be reasonably manageable for most.)
  5. Swapping is not really recommended, but neither is it discouraged. If you do decide to swap however, we encourage the individual recipients to make those arrangements amongst yourselves (after receiving items from the respective donors), leaving the donor out of the equation altogether. Shipping costs under these circumstances will be at the responsibility of the recipient(s), so should be agreeable to by said recipient(s), and will be exempt from LSP shipping assistance.
  6. Common sense dictates that members that had not yet served out their full moderation period prior to drawing commencement (ie, today), be excluded from participation in this event. **
  7. We fully expect that donors will make every attempt to ship items in a timely fashion, but we also well understand that sometimes work/life can get in the way, so if you are a recipient, please be patient.
  8. If multiple items are donated by one individual, please make it perfectly clear if they are offered up as one package, or as individual raffle items. This will save the staff a fair amount of time, by not having to chase down clarifications.
  9. Every effort will be made to assure that everyone that desires to participate, will be entered as a participant, and this will be checked and verified daily, and in chronological order.
  10. If you desire to participate in this raffle (as a raffle entrant, not a donor), please clearly state that (within this thread), so that you may be entered as such. If you do not clearly state that you wish to be entered, you will not be. Donors are encouraged to state what they intend to donate, also within this thread, and that information too will then be logged on page 1, and again, in chronological order.
  11. In the unlikely event that there are more items offered than participants, a second drawing will be pulled for those specific items, using all names submitted.
  12. Drawing entry submissions will end no later than 12:00 midnight (my time) on December the 25th. ***
  13. Last, but certainly not least, if you enter into the drawing at all as a possible recipient, please make it a point to contact donor in a reasonable amount of time (3 weeks) after the drawing date (December 26th) if you win something, or you forfeit that prize (at donor discretion). Donors should not have to chase down recipients, under any circumstances. Also, please make sure you have adequate room in your PM folder(s) for receiving messages; so by all means, clean out that inbox, if full.


These guidelines will be amended, when/or as deemed necessary. 


Donated Items (Kits):

Italeri TF-104G - Donated by Jack

Revell P-51D - Donated by Jack

Williams Brothers Gee Bee Racer - Donated by LSP_Ron

Hasegawa A-4E/F - Donated by Spacewolf

Special Hobby Brewster Buffalo & Kagero book - Donated by Spacewolf

Revell Bf 109G-10 Erla - Donated by Spacewolf

Revell Spitfire Mk IX - Donated by Alaninaustria

Trumpeter P-51D Mustang - Donated by Thomas Lund

Academy Nieuport 17 - Donated by Bill_S

Revell Bf 109G-10 Erla - Donated by JeffH

Tamiya F4U-1A - Donated by Juggernut

Revell P-51D (2 complete kits) - Donated by MikeMaben (as two separate gifts)

Special Hobby Fiat G.50 - Donated by MikeMaben

Trumpeter PLA F-5 (MiG-17F) - Donated by Maru5137

Revell F4F-4 (Martlet Mk.V) - Donated by Maru5137

Revell Hawker Hunter - Donated by Phartycr0c

Revell Spitfire Mk IX & $25 Amazon gift card - Donated by Granger Davis

Revell Tornado ECR - Donated by Madmusky

Roden FTB337G - Donated by Reconspit

Aeropoxy Rogožarski IK-3 - Donated by Lud13

Revell Ar 196A-3 - Donated by Out2gtcha

Roden de Havilland DH2 w/extras - Donated by Shawn M

Roden SPAD VII C.1 - Donated by Shawn M

Fly Sea Hurricane w/extras - Donated by Leitch

Revell Piper Super Cub - Donated by Whitey

Revell BAe Hawk T.1A - Donated by Erwin

Revell Bf 109G-6 - Donated by Dukie99

Kitty Hawk T-6 w/AM decals - Donated by Mark31

Revell Eurocopter - Donated by Mark31

Dragon Bf 109E-4B - Donated by Petrov27

21st Century Bf 109F - Donated by Dukie99

Special Hobby P-39N/Q Airacobra - Donated by Gewehr 43

Revell MiG-21M/MF - Donated by Big Texan

Hobby Boss Spitfire Vb/Trop - Donated by TorbenD

Special Hobby Yak-3 - Donated by Coogrfan

Williams Brothers F9C and Mustang AM - Donated by Rick K (link)

Trumpeter F4F-3 Wildcat and AM - Donated by CANicoll

Revell Spitfire Mk 22/24 - Donated by R Palimaka

Revell Hawk T.1A - Donated by Iain (32SIG)


Donated Items (Books):

One set of KLP E-books - Donated by LSP_Kevin

The Curtiss Hawks - Donated by Rick Griewski

Osprey B-1B Units in Combat - Donated by Phartycr0c

Aerofax MiG-15 - Donated by Phartycr0c

Jagdwaffe 3-1 (Classic Publications) - Donated by Smoke417

Gloster Meteor (Macdonald Publications) - Donated by Aerobat

NA X-15 (Haynes Publications) - Donated by Aerobat

JaPo Bf 109's of JG 52 - Donated by D.B. Andrus

How to build Tamiya Spit and Mosquito (ADH) - Donated by Robthepom

Book of choice, up to £ 20 - Donated by Trak-Tor (specific link)

Aviation Classics Lancaster - Donated by Mozart

Three Squadron/Signal books - Donated by 1to1scale (link)

Mosquito "Wooden Wonder" book  - Donated by Telepatu

Two Aircam Aerobatics teams book - Donated by Mgbooyv8

Three Verlinden Lock On books - Donated by Alain Gadbois

Choice of select books - Donated by Mike C (link)

Kagero Richthofen's Eleven - Donated by Kagemusha


Donated Items (AM):

Aires F-100D 'pit set - Donated by Blackbetty

Cutting Edge F-14 Desert storm Tomcat decal set - Donated by Blackbetty 

Airscale, one of everything in the inventory (choice of scale) - Donated by airscale

Grey Matter 2-stage Mosquito conversion - Donated by Simmo.b

Verlinden F4U Corsair 'pit set - Donated by Bill_S

Eagle Cals #21 & 76 (Fw 190D-9 & A-8) decals - Donated by AlanG

Verlinden F4U Corsair 'pit set - Donated by Thomas Lund

3 sets  of decals; Fw 190A, P-47, Bf 109G - Donated by Smoke417

15 bottles Vallejo Model Air paints - Donated by Smoke417 (link)

Authentic Decals 32-01 MiG-23M/MF - Donated by Zipper

Eagle Strike 32051 F/A-18 Freedom Hornets - Donated by Zipper

Eagle Cals #37: Bf 109G-6's - Donated by Neo

Leading Edge #CF-18 Hornet - Donated by Neo

Xtradecal X003-32: RF-4C - Donated by Trak-Tor

Caracal and Daco sheets (as one gift) - Donated by Dong (linky)

Xtradecal (2) and Freightdog sheets (as one gift) - Donated by Dong (linky)

Decals and P.E. - Donated by Erwin (link)

Two sets decals - Donated by Stevepd (link)

Flying Leatherneck F/A-18 Hornet decals - Donated by Themongoose

Two decals sheets (winner picks one) - Donated by Telepatu


Donated Items (Other):

$50 Amazon gift card – donated by LSP_K2 and P-51D Man

$25 gift card or PayPal – donated by Daniel460

$25 Hobby shop gift card or PayPal – donated by Gerhard

$30 PayPal gift - Donated by Rafju

"Thud Ridge" art print, signed - Donated by LSP_Ray

"A Gathering of Eagles" art print, signed - Donated by LSP_Ray

Eight Smithsonian WWI aviation posters - Donated by CANicoll


(I will amend this donated items list, as and when new items are added.)


* Guideline #2 added: 12 03 18

** Guideline #6 amended: 12 05 18

*** Guideline #12 added: 12 10 18


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I'd really like to emphasize here the significance of clearly stating your intentions regarding the raffle. Comments like "Count me in', really tell me nothing useful, so please elaborate as to the intent of your participation in the raffle (donor, raffle entrant as a possible recipient or both, if that is the case).

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54 minutes ago, Jack said:

Okay then, i'll start the "kick-off":

I want to donate the 32nd scale Italeri TF-104G Starfighter  and  the Revell 32nd scale P-51DNA Mustang, as seperate items, and i don't need to be a raffle entrant.

Have fun building.....




Excellent stuff. Thanks a lot, Jack.


32 minutes ago, LSP_Ron said:

I'll donate a 1/32 Williams Bros Gee Bee R1 kit still in original sealed parts bag




Thanks a bunch, Ron.


31 minutes ago, blackbetty said:

i would like to donate an Aires F-100 cockpit set and a set of F-14 tomcat decals (cutting edge,desert storm aera)

please enter me in the raffle too


Thanks very much. Raffle items added, entrant list amended.

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I'm in for the first time.. donating these..


A-4 Skyhawk.. everything is there.. even the decals look good but it's old so I'd think new decals might be a wise choice.



Comes with the book.




And lastly..




Please include me in the raffle.


Merry Ho Ho to all !!




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40 minutes ago, airscale said:

Oh and I could probably talk Kev into donating a copy of my Spitfire ebook too :)


Yep, perfectly fine with me!


In fact, I'll donate a complete set of KLP Publishing's eBooks - including Iain's He 219 book if it's out in time!



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Oh boy! Christmas time is here!

The one time of the year the wife does not mind a model or book arriving unannounced in the mail.


I look forward to this raffle as it really brings the LSP community together.

Please be so kind to add my name to the raffle.




I will dig through my stash and try to find something interesting to donate.


Thanks for coordinating this gigantic event.


Merry Christmas to all!


Jon Payne


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