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There’s no better fun for an engineer than playing with magnets I say! Going through the ordnance options for my Hornet there were just too many to choose from. What’s a modeler to do you say? Buy some neodymium magnets I say :evil_laugh:  

I bought the smallest ones they had at K&J Magnets, which are about 1/32” wide. these little babies are just a hair bigger than the mounting point for the suspension lug. Two magnets hold a 1/32 belly tank (nothing glued to the plane in the below pic so i rotatetd it for effecr)





it looks like all the ordnance can be done this way. This really makes for a fun project. Let me know what you think and how you might go about it. Through other questions on here I’ve really seen different approaches and often combining a few of them gives even more options.

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Rotated pic

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I think magnets and brass pins are two really good ways to attache ordinance. Not only for swapping out ordinance, but also in my instance I use magnets or pins for removal of the ordinance for transport to shows and contests. 

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