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Iain (32SIG) in current issue of Evo magazine

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I was just reading thru the current issue of Evo (a car magazine) and saw Iain, Cameron and their Elise mentioned along with a nice pic of all three. It's part of the article about Lotus at 70 years.


Nice car there Iain and great to hear it's your daily driver and not just a garage queen!



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Yup - that's us Carl - well spotted!


As some around here will know I'm a bit of a 'petrol head' - with a particular passion for all things Lotus - so being at the 70th Birthday at the Hethel factory (an old wartime B-24 base) was a bit special. We're also working on a possible feature on the car in another magazine next year.


For any non-Evo readers - this is the bit Carl spotted:








The piece mentions my excitement at having the car signed by Elisa Artioli - after whom the Elise was named when launched - all grown up now and a real enthusiast:








Brilliant day - topped off with driving around the Lotus test track with 700 other Lotus cars:




And, for F1 fans, Classic Team Lotus had a number of their famous cars out on track during the day - wonderful sights and sounds:




Colin mentioned Wheeler Dealers - that was filmed in 2008 - same month we did a feature in Classic and Sportscar.


Filmed at Kemble, that's me driving and not Mike Brewer (from 48 seconds).  :)






And photo-shoot for Classic and Sportscar:






And the pair together - need to get the Esprit back on the road next year - she's been sat in garage last few years...




Have fun!










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BEAUTIFUL cars Iain  and even  more priceless with the Autogroahed signature.:wow:


and  I watched THAT episode but didn't know you... it was super to watch the program and KEMBLE  air for base is perfect...


surprised you did not go up in one of the Warbirds for a Dog  fight flight. ^_^


I have been to KEMBLE so you had a BRILLIANT "track " to drive your classic cars.


nice to see the photos.. thanks for sharing the EVO magazine.:thumbsup:

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Little update - but big milestone...


I haven't been doing a lot of modelling recently - this summer I've been mostly flying (shout if anyone wants to see Chipmunk and Bulldog formation pix) - as well as fettling motorcycles and the Esprit!


The Esprit has been tucked up in the garage, off the road, for last 10 years whilst, well, life happened I guess.


Focus has been elsewhere - but very happy to report my 'toy' is now serviced, MOT'd and back on the road, where she belongs - a little bit of escapism.


A few things to tweak - but not looking too shabby for her age (she left the Lotus factory in December 1982 - I've owned her since '97):








Drive safely!



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Congratulations, Iain! 


And as this thread is a bit of a dedication to all things Lotus and as we sit on the brink of Spa 2019, I thought the thread wouldn't be complete without a photo of Jim Clark in a Lotus at Spa, 1967.  Kind of represents Lotus at the height of its powers, for me at least.



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