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The smallest PZL 37 Łoś

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Hi All

I'd like to invite you to follow extraordinary project on youtube. Author of this undertaking, my friend, Andrzej Ziober asked me to send link to his account on you tube. I have done it with great pleasure.

He decided to create the smallest replica of PZL 37 Łoś in 1/144 scale. As a base he took set from 1970's, it looks like a toy. He will try to change it in masterpiece, I'm sure he can.

Film is in Polish, but I think that pictures are most important. Andrzej promised to prepare one film a month, this is first part.

Nice watching


This is the link: 


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Very Good video Tomasz.:clap2:

Thank you look forward to more uploads on here...:thumbsup:


Shawn he is saying :

This video presents a special  service devoted to construction of a POLISH 

PLZ 37 Los Bomber Aircraft model in 1:144 scale. 

The "basic" kit  for the building of this model is a   popular  Toy  produced by

ZTS  PLASTYK in the '70s of the last century in a MIKRO 144 Series.

In subsequent episodes the Author will present ALL the stages of the construction

Of this model.


He shows using a match as a comparison to the small   model how small the scale is.


MARU  5137

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