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Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

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You are very probably right Iain.


This is a pity as from an engineering perspective that kit is very, very nicely done. The only major, stupid and not easy to solve engineering decision is the way they divided the turrets into parts. Hopefully somebody will solve that.


Another problem not really linked to engineering but rather to the lack options is the very short range of US machines corresponding to the kit configuration. It looks only some dozens of J planes starting with 44-40849 sn are complying with the kit features. That production block 185-CO ended with 44-40948 but integrated somewhere during the production a larger navigator window commonly associated with later 190-210 blocks. So, looking for other markings will not be that easy.


At least, I found that 44-40870 up to 44-40873 were used by Australia as A72-45 to A72-48.


Some very similar but not fully identical planes were also used by the RAF or Coastal Command such as the Block 45 to 105-CF ones. However, as for the US ones there are differences such as the upper turret type or the navigator window shape.


So, it will not be easy to accurately use other markings without changing some features typically linked to clear parts...

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