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CAC Boomerang A46-217 “Hep Cat”

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that is blimmin amazing Eric - I can't believe the finishes you get, and that cat is way more detailed than I thought masks could do


just love tuning into your builds :)



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Thanks very much gents, I appreciate the comments.


7 hours ago, DonH said:

Beautifully done! Those sprayed on markings look great and now you have me wondering if I should invest in a portrait cutter...


I always say that for the price of a couple of single engine Wing Nut kits that you will only end up stashing anyway, you can get something that you will use every build and that will make every build unique, freeing you up from the kit provided decal options. Do it, you won’t regret it!







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Now that is fantastic.  Being able to print up your own masks has to make everything easier.  And your little tweaks definitely make it look like a Boomerang you shrunk down.







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I have started to add some different weathering effects now that the markings have been completed. The chipping on the wing roots needed to be toned down a bit, so I removed the tip of my airbrush and sprayed a lightened and thinned mix of SMS Forest Green around each of the chips. Removing the tip allows for very tight lines to be sprayed. The different colour green suggests fading and underlying primer.




I will add a panel line wash as well as other effects to this area soon






A good clear picture of a similar Boomerang from the same SQN shows the darkened panel aft of the exhaust running along the fuselage. This panel was metal unlike the rest of the fuselage which was wood. I masked it off and tinted it with Tamiya Smoke. I will add exhaust staining once closer to finishing the model.




The machine gun ports were next, I sprayed the forest green around the 2 ports to simulate the white area having been cleaned and washed away and then sprayed the red doped area freehand to depict multiple applications of the protective dope. I outlined the forest green area with the Foliage Green.




I had to adjust the white demarcation of the tail as I had it slightly wrong when I first sprayed it. Once that was complete, I applied the A number in the neatest but roughest way that I could to depict a field applied serial number.




getting there. I am looking forward to applying the stencil data and bringing it all together with a panel line wash.







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Mind blowing Eric. I’m amazed what you’ve managed with the cutter. I see they are currently OOS from the craft store, but I’ve got my name down for one. I’ll have to get a tutorial from you on how to use it



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