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CAC Boomerang A46-217 “Hep Cat” Finished.

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6 hours ago, LSP_Kevin said:

Nice work, Eric! So just to clarify: the additional thickness of the new PETG panel is internal to the windscreen, not external?




Hi Kev,


Yes, the thickness is additional to the inside. 

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I added the side frames to the windscreen from .5mm copper wire superglued in place. This is handy, as it allows me to bend the thin clear part to shape to properly fit the fuselage. 




Next up was a mod suggested by a fellow club member who is also building one of these kits (thanks Gary). The bottom frame of the Boomerangs windscreen is behind the skin of the fuselage rather than butt joined. It is a small but noticeable feature that I felt would look good applied to the kit. 


First, I made up a template from thin aluminium from some horizontal blinds and then used it to draw the required shape on some thin plastic card.




The plastic part was then fitted to the fuselage so that the bottom frame of the windshield sits inside it




Trimmed. I will make a seperate part to go over the top of the fuselage.




I then masked off the panel that I wanted to blend the plastic part into and back filled the plastic strip with a superglue/talc mix.




With the tape removed you can sort of see where I am going with this. 




The tolerances that I have to play with are very tight to make this work.




With the windscreen dry fitted. I need to add a small shim to the rear of the clear windscreen frame on the port side as I snipped off a little to much when I cut the vac canopies up.






 I painted the area with Mr Surfacer, which I will sand once hardened to blend the panel in and then rescrive the area.





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The next step of the windscreen mod was fitting a small piece of plastic over top to complete the lip that the clear part sat in. I also filled along the top of the cowl toward the nose with plastic card to make this area straight.




The windscreen needs to be pushed in to fit, hence the Xacto handle. Very happy with how this has turned out.




I decided to replace the photo etch cowl flaps with some plastic card ones. The photo etch flaps did not fit very well, and I felt that I would be able to scratchbuild better ones from plastic card. I wanted to add the hinge fittings and these would be better off being in plastic card as well, the other benefit being that when they are all fitted to the model, I will be able to wick Tamiya extra thin into the parts of each seperate flap that are touching, making them stronger overall.


Each flap was made from 4 parts, being the flap, two hinges and the small part that slides against adjoining flaps. I cut several long strips of different thicknesses of plastic card to make the parts out of.




A dry fit of the basic flaps, without the hinges or the inner sliding parts.




Each flap asssembled




Final dry fit 





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On 31.12.2018 at 14:28, ericg said:

Заполненный супер смесью клей / тальк, я отшлифовал область, чтобы придать ей форму, используя грубую шлифовальную палочку, а затем сгладил ее с помощью более тонких сортов наждачной бумаги. 

C00l ! Interesting, and very easy !

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