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1/32 ZM Kawasaki Ki-45 Kai Tei Toryu

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4 minutes ago, alaninaustria said:

Wow, love the engineering that has gone into this kit!!




This is my first ZM kit Alan and seriously impressed, always steered clear as I felt they where over engineered. That said if certain parts really cannot be seen then I wont be adding them if they are not structural.


Regards. Andy

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Some more progress made today and first up filling those annoying ejector pin marks of which there are plenty inside the fuselage halves before adding the internal detail.







A couple of issue's found today while adding detail the rear fuselage around the tail wheel area, first up the rear bulk head should have a pair of locating lugs but these are missing.




Also the tail wheel should have a pair of locating pins but the moulding only has one only






Not sure what ZM are doing here but pretty poor really. I have glued these parts in place but it made alignment fairly difficult.


Also completed the bulkeads on the central section of the main wing spar followed by adding initial detail to the whell wells in readyness for painting.






20mm upward firing cannon assembly built up ready for painting, very sloppy fit on all of these parts so I dry fitted the upper spar brace to assist alignment while the glue freid.







Also built up the 37mm nose cannon which looks fantastic and a shame it will be hidden away!






So thats all of the interior parts built up in readyness for painting, so far a very quick and enjoyable assembly sequence and looking foward to getting some colour on.


Regards. Andy

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2 hours ago, Iain (32SIG) said:

My tailwheel bulkhead is the same - missing any locating brackets. Haven't looked at tailwheel strut yet - but suspect it's the same.



Thanks for chiming in Iain and that's exactly what I expected. ZM have definitely dropped the ball here which is a real shame. Easy to fix but......Don't get me wrong as it's a very nice simple kit to build but a little disappointed with my first ZM experience. Then you think £110, it's actually a real bargain of a kit!!



Edited by monthebiff

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Please keep in mind that the kits sold in Telford were a very early and very limited edition and they were "rushed" for the show. The official launch date for the model is 22 December - at least that is the date when the shipments to "friend shops "will commence. There is a good chance that the issue may be with the instructions, not the plastic. The instructions may depict some early versions of the plastic parts. In as far as I understand, the instructions were sent separately. When I received my kit on the Friday before the show, the box was wrapped in the usual tissue, but the instructions were given to me separately, from a different box. 



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On ‎11‎/‎18‎/‎2018 at 4:54 PM, monthebiff said:

Nope, not yet. There was nothing broken so looks like a tooling issue/ molding issue unfortunately.





Might well be worth contacting ZM about your findings Andy. They corrected an error with the Ho229 where an undercarriage door was mismoulded, providing an errata sheet and an extra part. When I picked up a Ho229 at Telford I was presented with the sheet plus the new part as I paid for the kit!  They might do the same here...

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