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Paul Fisher Fire Relief - GoFundMe

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This is such a remarkable response from the community! I can't imagine what they are facing. Thank you Kevin for thinking of this and setting it up.


He was also involved with producing models of classic racing cars as well. Are the car modelling websites aware of this GoFundMe page? I just wondered if anyone has a connection with them or shared it there. Might be another base of people who might like to help. I see it's already been shared on Hyperscale.


Apologies if that's already been thought of and done.



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12 minutes ago, nichenson said:

Yes, several people have posted it on many of the auto groups.  Bad thing is people only skim a lot of the boards and don't pay that much attention.  However, though, everyone is trying to get the word out.


Thanks, that's great to hear.


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5 hours ago, Jennings Heilig said:

Just had another email from Paul,  He and Suzy are overwhelmed by the outpouring. They’re safe and sound in Denver.


Jennings, I really need Paul to contact me about the campaign, as we need his involvement in setting him up as a beneficiary of the funds. We only have a limited time to do this, otherwise the campaign is automatically closed, and all donations refunded! If you can nudge him somehow, that would be great!



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