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Paul Fisher Fire Relief - GoFundMe

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Thanks everybody for so generously supporting this initiative. We've now passed US$15000 in just 2 days! Just amazing. Even though we've passed the initial goal, Paul will need as much support from the community as it can provide, so we'll continue to accept donations for as long as they keep coming in.



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This is a great opportunity to help someone who has helped enrich our hobby for so many  of us. I learned about the gofundme page through the airlinercafe.com site. I'd suggest spreading the word on the gofundme page to as many modeling sites as possible. The more sites and forums that see the link, the better for Mr. Fisher. I have to say, it is wonderful seeing so many people donating. In many ways, we are all electronic ships that pass in the night, known only by our screen names and a few pictures of our completed (hopefully!) models. It would be all to easy to simply scroll through to the next forum posting. So, seeing so many people donate is a testament to our hobby, but more importantly an indicator of the esteem and respect that Mr. Fisher is held in. I can only hope and pray that he and the others impacted by these horrible fires can recover as soon as possible.  Forget the resin, anyone with an awesome dog like that must be helped, right?



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53 minutes ago, Aptivaboy said:

Wait, he makes guitars, too? Seriously, he makes guitars? I didn't know that.


Paul is actually pretty well known for his custom guitars and basses.  Probably more well known in that community than he is in ours, if you can believe that!

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