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Airfix News Just in from Telford: 1/24 Hellcat!

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it looks that I will starts to build 1/24 scale again :D superb choice!

it looks more than great! and look at the surface + folded wing option

expected Mat 2019 release, price £119.99

















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If I were twenty years younger this Hellcat, and the recent Typhoons might have pulled me into 1/24th scale.


Alas, old dog, no new tricks etc so I'll pass but hope this will sell in shedloads so we can see more British gear. Looking forwards to hearing of the other new announcements.


Nice F6F though. Looks to be a good 'un. 



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I think it a good choice.

Folding wing on such large scale means ppl will be able to display them witch was one of the show stoppers of the typhoon for many modelers. (Not me i have 2) 

Im asuming it will comevwith the raf marking in the box. I really like the scheme on Brits hellcats



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