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Scale Modelworld Telford 2018

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Well I had a good day and all I’ll say is those Lancs are massive. Chap on the HKM stand said the first 1500 will have the option of clear or non-clear fuselage but they will be around the £500 mark.



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Hi folks,

May I post a couple of pics from the show?


My main reason for going this year was to see the Lancasters if I'm honest and I did n't have long to wait. The first thing I saw as I walked into the halls was the WNW stand with a huge crowd around it.

To say that the Lanc was generating interest is an understatement.

I'm sure there will be oodles of better photos on-line soon but here are a couple of the nose section to whet your appetite.







This is set to be released as a stand alone model in 2020 or thereabouts. WNW clearly recognise that space will be an issue for many modellers but a nose section to display various nose art might be a neat idea. Sure to be significantly more affordable than the full aircraft and far easier to display. Possible sure fire winner that might prompt other manufacturers to consider a similar venture?

The buzz is that WNW hope to price their Lancaster at about the cost of the Hansa Brandenburg and Felixstowe Duelists model set, i.e $349.


I think Airfix have shocked almost everyone with their reveal of their new 1/24th scale kit for next year. Did anyone expect the Hellcat?  I know some hoped or suggested it but did anyone actually expect it?

The kit looks to have a similar surface treatment to the Typhoon with subtle "oil-canning" texture applied.

The detail also looked extremely good to my eye although I would n't know about accuracy as I'm far from an expert on these things.












The next couple of pics are of the HKM Lancaster which also looked amazing.








A short YouTube video. (Please excuse the quality)

This should be around the £300 ish mark but Pocketbond set the price for UK distribution, not HKM.



Next up, a look at the 32ng SIG/LSP stand covering the centenary of the RAF. Lovely looking stand guy, well done to all who contributed. It was in a superb spot just at the entrance to the halls and right next to WNW. Hope you had heaps of interest.








LSP member Phartycroc built a test shot of the HKM Lanc (nice one Pharty me old son) and is seen here discussing the model with a fellow whose relative flew in that aircraft with 97Sqdn out of RAF Woodhall Spa during the war. 



Great to see this kind of interaction that brings the story of the model home.


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