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Another WNW kit in development for 2019 (not a Lanc.!?)


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I think they would not be wise to announce a DR I, only for this reason, I believe there is so much demand for a WNW DRI that they would be bombarded with email etc until they finally released.  That is one kit that they should just drop it when it is ready, no warning.  

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1 hour ago, Jan_G said:

They will announce Dr.I :)



1 hour ago, LSP_Typhoonattack said:


Don't I wish.


56 minutes ago, Bill_S said:


I can only hope...


45 minutes ago, riffer said:

Another person wishing for the Dr.I



4thed.  Im about 99.99999% sure they wont though, which to me is a bit odd still. Even having the decent (but still not outstanding) Roden offering, that you really have a hard time finding these days and the obvious want from a lot of WnW customers is there as well. 


I know they are not sales driven but come ON guys.  A WnW DR.1 would be E P I C, and sell as well as any kit they have produced. 

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1 hour ago, Dennis7423 said:

Always holding out hope for either one of two late war gems, a Fokker D.VIII or a Siemens Schuckert D.III.


- Dennis S.

  Thornton, CO USA



The SS D.III had long been a favorite of mine....I'd pony up for one easy

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