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Trumpeter BMP-1

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Here's a build I did a year or so ago.  Trumpeter's BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle.  I always dug the BMP, first off because it was truly revolutionary.   It had a pretty fearsome weapons system (large caliber cannon, anti-tank guided missile, MG), full NBC protection, night vision capability and it was fast and amphibious.  It also had a decent level of armor protection.  Compare that to the archaic M113's that US troops were rocking in the 70's.  Secondly, as a late cold war grunt, I always had a nightmare of sitting in a foxhole in W. Germany, watching thousands of T-72's and BMP's come charging at me.  Not a pretty thought. 


Anyhoo...  The Trumpeter BMP-1 is a pretty nice kit.  It does have some issues though.  Thankfully, for very short money, you can get them all corrected by SP Designs, an aftermarket outfit based in the Ukraine.  Their resin is first rate and the cost is truly a bargain.  I opted to upgrade my BMP to the BMP-1P version, with anti-radiation cladding, smoke dischargers and an rooftop anti-tank missile launcher.  This was pretty much the ultimate version of the BMP-1.   I also opted for Archer's decal sets for some unique decal options from Russia's disastrous Chechnya adventure.  


Aside from the SP resin, I added a bunch of details. Mostly small fittings, cables and conduits for the lights, etc.    That's pretty much it.  Pictures to follow (sorry for the horrible quality):


Some of SP's bits



More SP stuff.  I rebuilt the troop hatch hinges and added a bunch of small fittings.





Archer decal options



Finished model.  All ready to burn through the Fulda Gap.











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