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1/32 Early F-15B Eagle - 58TTW

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On 10/19/2018 at 5:09 AM, RichieB said:

Many thanks for the steers chaps, much appreciated.


I'm going to do this one in flight (again),  it avoids the undercarriage issues but then you have to put aircrew in the jet and try to paint them realistically!

Dan -  following your build with interest, the width of the replacement seats is definitely an issue.


Here are some seats for comparison of the problem. From left to right Aires Aces (with pouring block still attached), Aires Escapac and Revell Aces. Even without the launch rails the Aires seats look undersized (although I suspect the Revell one was made bigger to fit the cockpit). You will notice a slight modification to the Escapac seat which consists of a wedgey to widen the bottom of the seat. This performs 2 functions, it makes it look wider in relation to the cockpit side instrument panels and wide enough to fit the Tamiya's pilot I'm intending to sit on it. I must admit I wasn't brave enough to completely slice the seat in half and the mod will eventually be hidden by the pilot sitting on it.!




This is the Revell tub with the kit ACEs seat in the front and a 'modified' Escapac seat in the back. As you can see the Revell seat is the wrong type for my version and a bit soft on detail but it fits. The Escapac seat is now better but I think I'm still going to have to narrow the cockpit sides to avoid the rather large gap.




By the way the cockpit detail is ok but the throttles need moving on the rear cockpit which also has an F-15E IP. I am also working on incorporating an Aires F-15A front cockpit as the detail is better, particularly on the coaming, and as a bi-product also fits the Aires seat better.


Kind regards, 


the problem isn't the seats, its the width of the Revell tub.  compare it to the Tamiya tub.  The walls need to be moved in about the width of the plastic.  You can check me on this but on the B and D model the throttles are aligned, your throttles need to be moved to the right.  look at  http://partsrparts.homestead.com/start.html

contact me


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Many thanks for the heads up Bruce. The side walls have been moved in a bit and the IPs adjusted accordingly along with some thickening of the side walls. I've also used your resin rear cockpit IP which is much more suited to this version than the Revell offering. Throttles are also moved as per your recommend.

In other news I have added the distinctive fairing on the airbrake that was only used on the  very early versions (like this one).




And primed the seats just to see if there were any glaring errors. Looks ok so far!

You can see where I've added some blocks to the bottom of the seat to raise it to a more acceptable level in the cockpit when the canopy is down.




All in all, I suspect the Aires Escapac seats are a bit undersized. 

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Has it really been over a month? Small steps and all that!

As the Revell kit doesn't have any aircrew I've 'borrowed' some from an F-4 kit as the flying kit is about that period. I've repositioned the arms to fit the cockpit better (hopefully) and added some seat-belts from the Aires seat PE though there are still some elements to that which I will add nearer the end to avoid knocking them off.




I've also added some Archer rivet detail and the visor slide to the helmets. I've removed the oxy hoses as I usually add guitar string instead. It's more realistic, longer and can flex how you want it.




You may recall I queried if this was correct for the canopy support ...



Turns out it wasn't, so after some internet photo searches and a good study of Jake Melampy's F-15 book (highly recommended if you are doing any F-15) I found another use for the Archer rivets (which I really like). I also reshaped the plastic and added some detail that you probably won't see when it's in a closed cockpit.


I think the Revell kit is a good starting block but it's a bit bland without some help.

More, eventually!


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