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Jennings Heilig

My new additions...

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You can never have too many cats. Or dogs. Or fish.


44407254151_6f66c39125_k.jpg20180820_120330 by dekenba1, on Flickr



42830956405_1a5bdbb856_k.jpg20180727_041541 by dekenba1, on Flickr



41926409080_6e56d25adc_k.jpg20180726_102930 by dekenba1, on Flickr


43735308911_237d6f6cdc_k.jpg20180726_102915 by dekenba1, on Flickr


Kat the cat (I know. No imagination) letting us know that she knows we are planning on going away for the weekend without her, and she's not having it.

25321028337_e3cc7dedad_k.jpg20180128_114516 by dekenba1, on Flickr



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