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thierry laurent


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I know and agree. I would like getting the other Navy missing links as well: Fury, Tiger, Banshee, Demon or Skynight.


However, it looks Paul became very cautious will full kit releases. I guess this is probably because conversions give a better return on investment and are a less important financial risk. Just think a little bit about the risk to develop a full resin kit to discover just before the release the announcement of an identical injected plastic kit? Ouch!


It is true that some topics do not look probable (typically cold war topics) but some years ago I would not have bet a penny on a Wesland Wessex, a SAAB Tunnan or even a B-24 Liberator!



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Heck, I'd be happy if all he did were corrected turrets, and maybe minor conversion sets (ERCO turret PB4Y-1, or British Liberator rear turrets, to name a couple)

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