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1/32 F-4G& F-4B/N SUPER SET UPDATE!!!!!!! 12/3/18

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Hi Luca,


I am without a hosting provider now as I refuse to pay the Photobucket fees for 3rd party hosting.   Sprue brother will have the F-4G set up sometime in the next couple of days and  in the listing will be a picture of the nozzle.


IF you are patient I am updating the Revell long nozzle as well in the first quarter of next year.   


IF anyone who has purchased the Tamiya F-4G Super Set or exhausts directly from me want to update the tub and or the nozzles,   please PM or email me.  IF ai have a list then I can figure out the price as the number produced affects the price.


Thx and Merry Christmas.




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On 11/30/2018 at 11:46 PM, 1to1scale said:

What about the B nosecone, isn’t it different from the J? Do you have a picture of the parts included? I am very interested.

Did you find the answer?  I hope so but incase you did not.   The set comes with a nosecone and the 4 different chin pods.


Merry Christmas,



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On 12/3/2018 at 3:17 PM, ghatherly said:

Wow, what a hateful attitude and for no apparent reason.  We spend hundreds of dollars a year for the forum here to answer just the type of questions that you asked.  Being a senior member you know this,  so why the nasty attitude I do not underhand.   I was very sincere in my answer to you that you have taken completely wrong.


FYI.  In the time it took to wait for a response from me and then write a nasty note, you could have used the "SEARCH FEATURE" and got dozens of threads with pictures, builds, etc........most of which is information that I do not keep and for better than I could have provide.  It is a far better source of answers than I can ever be as there is so much more info on the forum than I have to send to anyone.   As Senior member here, you know how the forums work, and doing your own research yields far better results than waiting for a simple answer from me.  


Hope this helps,


Have a Merry Christmas just the same.



Gary, that's such a wonderful response!  Customer support is just off the scales in this thread! Good luck generating more sales from your wonderful and witty marketing techniques.  

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