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15 minutes ago, Stormer said:

Shut up and take my money!!!!


Bad news for HK though...

 I agree.  Could be very bad news for HK.  Since their kit isn’t out yet, how many will pass, or at least wait until the WNW kit comes out before buying?  Honestly, I don’t think there is enough of a market for two 1/32 Lancs for both kits to be moneymakers for their companies.  WNW probably won’t take too much of a hit if it’s not a big seller, but I suspect HK will.

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10 minutes ago, Jennings Heilig said:

Pardon my French, but un-F**KING-believable.  My opinion of WnW and Peter Jackson just dropped into a cesspool.  What a low life move.  Very childish.   


I'm sorry, what now? Who's to know that this was not in development before HK made their announcement?

**edited to tone down wording, apologies as original reply came out sounding much harsher than intended - intention was more curiosity than anything else

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I can't imagine they just whipped this up out of the blue to rain on HK's parade. I imagine WNW was committed to it for a while knowing Jackson and the Dambusters. With this being 32044 then I guess that means the other version is probably 32043. 

I was actually hoping they were going to release three new WW1 kits....

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