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F-16A Netz #234 "The Flying Dragon Sq." - Hasegawa 1/32

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Hi guys,

This is old Hasegawa kit representing F-16A Netz of Israeli Airforce. it's one of the two kits I have build together as a double build.

Her twin is a F-16A Netz #107


AIrcraft F-16A Block 10 S/N 78-0336 was delivered to Israel in Jan 1981. Originally assigned to 110Sq. "The Knights of the North".

It finished it's service at Ovda AFB with 115 "The Flying Dragon" Sq. aka "Red" Squadron.


The kit itself is very old Hasegawa mold with raised panel lines and rivets. I had to scribe and rivet whole surface and wings.

Hasegawa plastic is hard and brittle so this part of the build was a nightmare. I gave up to rescribe the bottom of the fuselage and decided to use airbrush and weathering in my favour.


I used following extras during build:

True Details cockpit for F-16A... . Glareshield is too wide to close the canopy so I had to build both kits with opened canopy.

KASL exhaust for Academy kit

Aires wheel bays for Academy kit

Scale Aircraft Conversion metal landing gear for Academy kit

Isradecal Wheels

Center tank from Tamiya F-16CJ kit

Sidewinder register - converted from Tamiya's F-16CJ AIM-9M

AMS Resin AN/ALQ-119 ECM-Pod

Tailart and insignias are airbrushed using my homemade masks.

Other decals are from Isradecal.

Paints: Mr Paint colors and Mr Paint washes

Thanks and regards,
















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Great work, I find the weathering a little too strong but it is obvious that you master the techniques in this area.


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Wow...nice! The F-16 has come a long way from the "lightweight fighter" it was marketed as back in the mid 70"s. Build up a SUFA and put them side by side to show the difference. Your F-4C was awesome too...Would like to see you do a IAF F-4E as well! Great job!



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That is some fantastic work, I especially like the weathering.  I had planned on building one of these awhile back so I studied a lot of photos and I have to say you nailed the look.  Could you give us some weathering tips?




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