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Arado Ar 234 B-2 - Fernaufklärer (Finished)

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Painting and adding grass to the 'Grove' base...










The corner with the 'Rasensteine'.




I had to put glue into every single hole to add the grass to the grass concrete slabs...




Detail of the concrete surface. Some stains and 'shadows' to enhance the texture.




The rainwater drain alongside the runway.




Detail of the drain. 


This wasn't too bad after all, quite fun doing actually!


Cheers: Kent

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Thanks Guy's - Today's the fourth of May and it's 74 years ago Ulrich Planck landed at 'Fliegerhorst Grove' with his Arado Ar 234 8H+BH. 

At Bernard Montgomery's headquarters in the Netherlands, Wehrmacht forces in northwestern Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark

surrendered to the Allies, effective at 8:00 a.m. on May 5.


The Germans Surrender to Montgomery on Lüneburg Heath, 4th May 1945




Well I wasn't able to complete this diorama for this anniversary, still want to add some extras.

But I'm pretty sure it will be all done, next year for the 75th anniversary. ;)


Cheers: Kent

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This is beyond comprehension.  As Vincent said, it looks like the real thing.  Simply amazing, Kent.  You are one skilled practitioner.




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