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1/32 Brewster 239 Finnish to a F2A-3 ?

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Hello All -

As the few of us that need a 1/32 F2A-3 to fill a void in their respective stash are aware -the Czech Models F2A-3 release has become wallet unfriendly & SCARCE !

Can anyone tell me if you can make a Brewster F2A-3 from the Special Hobby Brewster Model 239 Buffalo "Taivaan Helmi over Finland" version?

I have the Special Hobby 1/32 Brewster 339E - it only has the short fuselage & no alternative fuselage or nose extensions on the 239 version,  

from what I've seen of the sprue trees online.

It looks like all the alternate parts are there to make a later Navy bird,  just need confirmation. 


    Thanks in Advance -    Barry 

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I have both, the Czech Model F2A-3 and the Special Hobby (32064) Buffalo F2A-1 boxing. There are both fuselages in the box, long and short as well as two types of engines and cowlings. So it´s the same boxing, part-wise, as the original Buffalo 239 (32004) "finnish service".

As far as i know, you can make a finnish version from it...., actually any version of the Buffalo....

Except the decals you have all parts you need..., in Germany it sells (on ebay) for 29 Euros....


Here is the inbox-review



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On 10/3/2018 at 1:59 PM, gingerbob said:

Did I miss something?  Discussion was about Finnish Buffalo and F2A-3, then suddenly we're focusing on an F2A-2 kit.


I was wanting to know IF one could model the longer fuselage US Navy F2A-3 using the Finnish "Taivaan Helmi of Finland" Model 239

version of the kit, just by adding aftermarket decals.

From what I've learned - I can as that version has the spare extended fuselage & engine cowls.


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