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What happened to XS-models?

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Ive been wondering myself...................

Years ago I purchased their POND racer, along with some other stuff, and was eagerly anticipating some of their racer releases, but all my emails since last year have gone unanswered, and their previous web site (http://www.xs-models.com) is also not working. 


Looks like they quietly went OOB.    I also have their F2G conversion. Its not great by any stretch of the imagination, but a base for an F2G none the less, and really no one else made a lot of the stuff they were putting out. 

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It was about a couple of years ago when I bought the H1 long wing and the 1925 Schneider Trophy winner Curtiss R3C. The H1 did involve a bit more work but went together ok, well my one did. The engine was a little or quite crude with a lot of clean up involved and even then it was not the best. The Curtiss R3C was much better and quite good quality and went together very well, I am really great full that Andreas made the kits in the first place. I really wanted him to complete his Marcoux Bromberg Special, he sent me pictures of the masters for it, but alas he hasn’t not done it. I also wanted his Schneider Trophy Fiat C 29 also. I actually emailed him a couple of weeks back but no reply. He did take a good few weeks to reply before. Oh well maybe he is gone for good.

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I spoke to Andreas (XS models owner) at last years Scale Model World at Telford, I hope to see him again this year, he is usually manning a display stand of really nice completed 1/32 racing planes, (not a trade stand).



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