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1/32 Hasegawa P-40E Finished

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Well my friends another update on the Hasegawa 1/32 P-40E.

This one is all about the wings.

Construction of the framework is done.  The stringers are in.  The ammo box is in.  The wing has been prepped for the armament.  

Next up is adding some color.  

First is a base of Stynelrez Metal Primer.  On that a very uneven almost haphazzard coat of Stynelrez Flat Black.  The true colors start with a patchy coat of Model Master Acrylic Zinc Chromate Yellow.  This coat is to mimic the actual primer coat of WW2 aircraft.  Model Master Enamel Olive Drab is sprayed paying attention to the panel lines but allowing a bit of overspray in areas.  A bit of sun bleaching is added by spraying Olive Drab lightened with Model Master Enamel Flat White.  

Honestly it is how I had hoped.


Next step is the little bits and bobs for the interior of the wing and then to attach the wing to the fuselage.  You can see one of the major issues upcoming, that wing root gap.

All comments, critiques, and criticism are encouraged.


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A quick update on the Hasegawa 1/32 P-40E.

In short the wing is on.  It took a massive six hour battle but it is on.  There was some collateral damage.  Of the damage some I was able to work with, the rest I cannot fix without total tear down.  Not sure I want to go there at the moment.

For now.


Now I can move on.  My real decision is do I place the details in the wing and risk breaking them in the rest of the process or do I move on with decals and smaller parts.  Gonna have to think on that one.

All comments, critiques, and criticism are encouraged.


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An update on the Hasegawa 1/32 P-40E.  This is a happy but yet unhappy update.

First the happy.  The markings are on.  I have done just a little chipping so far with more subtle weathering to follow.  


Next up will be an oil filter to try to tone down the bright markings.  I will also be working more on the landing gear.

Now the unhappy.  Ok down right disappointing pictures.  Yes disappointing.  

You have seen the pictures I spent around two and a half hours to get.  I was so disgusted I reset the camera back to the default factory settings.  I then made just enough adjustments on the fly to get what you see.  Now the disgusting part.  Here are two photos that were taken just a point and click with my phone.  You will see in the one on the workbench just how the color is in reality.  The other was immediately after taking the last of the earlier pictures.


I am most unhappy with the earlier pictures as they wash out the color a bit and lose the different tones in the paint.  May have to go online to get a crash course in picture taking.  I had come so far and now it is lost again.

All comments, critiques, and criticism are encouraged.


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Great project!!! About you pics - the gloss acts like a partial mirror, that is it is reflecting a lot of the background (most of which is not in the pic itself), but that background creates another 'wash' over your base paint.  Perhaps try different colors or tones in the distant background (again, they bg will only be reflected in the surface and not be seen in the pic).  Outdoors, the predominant reflected source is the sky - be it blue or overcast grey, etc.  All IMO, but that is what I would try.  Hope that helps.

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See if you can control the white balance of your camera.  There may be selection for sunny, shade, flash, etc.

If you are using flourescent lights that can also affect this and you might have a setting for that.  If you are using the "raw" photo (.DNG file) then this doesn't matter and you can adjust the white balance in post processing with programs like Adobe Lightroom or others.  It looks like your phone just has a better automatic setting for indoor lighting.  If you are using the camera .JPG file then this is a compressed file taken from the raw sensor data and some of the color decisions are made during the file compression...that is why camera white balance either needs adjustment/setting or just try the auto again.

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Ok friends a post with two objectives.


I have begun the weathering on the 1/32 Hasegawa P-40E.  Using both a cheap set of oils and Abteilung 502 paints.

I want to give this build a finish that suggests a story of an aircraft that has seen some hard use but is still airworthy.  The aircraft was based out of India and supported flights over the Burma hump.  


Now the second objective is the quality of the pictures.  I have spent quite a bit of time over the last four or five days trying to dial in a better quality picture.  These are the latest in the test.

Please all comments, critiques, and criticism are encouraged.


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