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Grumman F9F Panther Trumpeter 1/48.


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This is the 1st kit I was able to begin and follow through until completion. I always wanted to build a panther since seeing the The bridges at Toko-ri movie as a child.


I recall having many problems with the decal sheet. I cannot recall the brand now. There is a resin ejection sheet and Quickboost antennas and pitot. This aeroplane completed around 400 missions and was one of the first into the conflict. I weathered it heavily to help match the photo I had. It is hard to see but there is shading thanks to pastels.

























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I've always wanted to build a Panther. I have decals in 48th for Blue Tailed Fly and have a couple of the Monogram kits in the stash. Having seen the Bridges at Toko Ri, I have a hankering to do one of Brubaker ditching like he did in the early part of the film. Gonna call it Swimming Lessons in the Sea of Japan if I ever get off my arse and do it.


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