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3D printed N1K1-J

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Hi All,


Im lucky enough to have access to a well equipped 'make lab' at the University, and Ive been planning to try and print a 1/32 aircraft for a while. This week, we made a start, and have chosen as our first attempt the Kawanishi N1K1-J- mainly as its a fairly simple shape, and I might be able to use some components from the Hasegawa N1K2 George kit.

We've only spent around an hour on it so far- we're planning to print the cowling, the 2 halves of the fuselage and the wings seperately- using Rhino 3D and exporting .dxf files. We have many Ultimaker 3D printers and we'll be using these initially for our tests. Heres a couple of screen grabs- not much to see yet, but its very early days:



Anyway, will try and keep you up to date- any comments or suggestions are welcome.

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Heres a few pictures of our facility:



We deal with students from right acrodd the University, from fine artists and designers, to forensic & medical artists, to dental technicians and medical students.




You can see here we've got some examples- on the left are human hearts (everyone thinks they are 'alien eggs' because they still have the support structures attached!), half a human skull, at the bottom a jaw bone with printed teeth, in the middle a dragons skull, on the right the skeleton of a dwarf who lived in Edinburgh in the 1800's. This was part of forensics students project and this was eventually done full size with fleshed out body, glass eyes etc- so realistic it was extremely creepy....


An example of some of the 3D printers we have- they are all named after characters in TV detective shows for the purposes of booking out, so you can see Rockford, Starsky & Hutch, Cagney & Lacy, Monk & Ironside, so the students come in and say "Ive booked 2 hours with Ironside". Under the desk you can see some reels of the filament we use for the prints. We have recently bought a machine which recycles both the pff cuts of filament and the plastic reels into more filament. A worthwhile purchase...

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