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vac form help needed

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A long time ago i used slow expanding foam to fill up the ID models Canberra i was building, and made sure to have some "relieve" holes into the fuselage in order to try and prevent the expanding foam breaking up the styrene.

It worked, but that Canberra fuselage is a straight forward one without much internal detailing to be exposed, except the front section.

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On 9/13/2018 at 10:03 AM, tomprobert said:

I've been using a profile gauge for many years and with great success. It's pretty fool-proof to be honest, and once the bulkhead is cut out, only requires very minor trimming or sanding to get a nice snug fit. The problems start when the fuselages are not moulded symmetrically, which is often the case with the lesser-quality vacforms... Combat Models... :blink:



So true. That’s why I start out with symmetrical paper dolls using graph paper. This way I detect the problem.  The combat models kits with this problem can be assembled with a slight twist if not corected

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