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F-4 E Slat wing set at Sprue Brothers.

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GTR 32057 should be up at Sprue Brothers today or tomorrow.  It is for the Tamiya kit


GTR 32069 the Revell version and GTR 32070 the TISEO for the Revell kit are shipping today, so look for them next week



  • F-4 Outer Wing Pylons in 1/32 for both USN and USAF.  these fit any 1/32 F-4 kit.
  • 1/48. HTS 213 left pods  with right Sniper Pod pylon  at this time.  Will fit both MCID and NSI intakes.

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Nothing is wrong with the kit pylons, except there are not any outer ones in the Revell or Tamiya kits other than those made as part of the wing tanks.   If you wan to put ordinance on the outer wing pylons you have to go after market except for the one USMC Tamiya f-4J kit that has them included.

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Any chance of a ARN-101 spine antenna as a stand alone part or bundled with a TIESO pod in the future?

I know you did do your Super Sets that had the spine antenna which are now OOP, but typically I didn't stock up at the time.


Need 2 or 3 for future projects.


Keep up the great products!


Gary in the UK

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