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Lukgraph Lublin R XIII G (float version)

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Hi guys


I finally managed to finish Lublin.
Not my best build overall, however it's a nice and quite simple kit, compared to other resin biplanes
The most challenging was to keep the geometry of all struts and to clean small resin details


Painted with Mr. Color and Mr. Paint, weathering done with AMMO of Mig Jimenez stuff. Glue used - mainly HPH epoxy and different Loctite's superglues.


You can find WIP build here


Thanks for looking













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4 hours ago, Troy Molitor said:

Wow,  that is stunning Jan.   The color combination and the beaching trolley all make this one just awesome. Well done.   What’s next on the to do list?   


Thanks Troy! Well I'm still facing some lack of motivation for modelling but will focus mainly on Ta154 build and the Cat :) And maybe will try to do something simple OOB meantime


2 hours ago, dodgem37 said:

I love that!  


Thanks Mark, really apreciate


1 hour ago, Trak-Tor said:

Any chance to see it in fleshB)


it's simple Juraj, stop by for a drink or coffee :D and thanks for the comment



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Fascinating subject and so well done!!! Thanks for posting!!!  Somehow that long thin fuselage on a seaplane reminds me of a barracuda.

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1 hour ago, hamfists nz said:

That’s beautiful! 

Tell us about that artificial horizon?  ;)


I know it looks too colorfull :D but I compared it to Yahu panel for Lublin and it looks close so I didn't care :)

here is the Yahu panel for comparison



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