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Dark Blue Killer - Tamiya F4U-1D Corsair

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18 hours ago, JeepsGunsTanks said:

That's a damn fine looking Corsair. With the right background and a few effects, it would look like the real thing!

You mean the peeling paint on my deck doesn’t enhance the realism of my pictures?   :)  


I seem to recall someone was selling a photorealistic carrier deck display.   I might have to track this down. 


Thanks very much much for the compliments!

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So I've got a bit more completed.   I added the hydraulic lines to the port wing fold (no need for pics, it looks identical to the ones above) and I started adding some details to the canopy.   I never noticed previously but there is a good amount of hardware present that strangely enough, Tamiya missed.    See below (thanks to Jennings and Mike Maben for these great pics):






This includes the red painted canopy locking handles, the yellow canopy release lever and a very complex pulley and cable system that runs from the exterior canopy release push-button to the yellow release handle.    I started out with the easy stuff - I fabricated the release handle from a thin diameter styrene rod, that I filed down to represent a more rectangular cross section.  I thought about using scrap PE but this handle is thicker and PE wouldn't look as realistic.   The knob on the end is simply multiple dabs of superglue that were allowed to dry between applications.   Aside from that, I just used a smaller diameter rod and a square of styrene as the base.    The locking handles were just a small section of .025" rod, cut to length and topped with a wafer thin section of .040" to represent the flared section at the end.  


Here is my progress so far....  I'm not totally happy with the outcome but I think it will look ok once the canopy is installed on the aircraft.   I'm on fence about the yellow handle that might be a bit too "chunky" but again, we'll see how it looks a bit later...  sometimes close up pics tend to exaggerate small details like this.  






Now I'm trying to figure out how to replicate the pulley system.   Space is pretty tight due to those mirrors and they kind of throw off the geometry of the system.   Not sure how I'm going to approach this one.   Stay tuned....

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So the canopy work continues.    Very time consuming and given my inherent laziness, still not close to completion.    Based on the pics above, I've done my best to replicate that very complex locking system on the interior bow.  Unfortunately, I've had to simplify things quite a bit due to the geometry of the Tamiya canopy when the mirrors are installed and just the very small size of the hardware involved.    All in all, at this stage, I've added a total of approx 18 parts so far and still have a ways to go.   The pulleys were very short bits of .020 rod, glued to styrene bases.   Hard to really tell what color they were from those pics, I opted for a light grey with black centers.  Although the pics show two parallel runs of cable from each pulley, I just couldn't do it.   I hang my head in shame, please don't judge me harshly for this transgression. 


The cables were simply very fine lengths of stretched sprue, glued in place using very fine needle nose tweezers and a drop of white glue on either end. I won't using anything except white glue for this type of work.  CA can leave soot and if I screw up, I'll never get it off the clear plastic.    


I also added some scratches to the canopy release lever and locking handles.   To complete this, I still have to add some bits to the base of the canopy and then final runs of cable.   As noted, these bits are simplified and the geometry is off but I think it's still better than nothing.   Anyway, here are some pics.



I''ll fix that silvering on the fuel tank cover decals before this is all over.  Trust me!






A few other pics to show the canopy and some additional weathering.  I used pastels to replicate the scuffing on the inner wings and added a few more scratches using that silver artists pencil (this thing is great for this type of work, well worth the $5.00 I paid for it at Michael's). 






In the pic above, you will note that notch cut out of the rear of the canopy frame.   Previously, pilots would notice that the radio would sometimes short out when the canopy was open.   Come to find out, the rear edge of the canopy frame was coming in contact with the antenna wire that entered the fuselage right beneath it (this hasn't been added to my model yet).   Rather than spend money and time moving the wire entry point or insulating the canopy,  Vought just simply took some tin snips and cut away a small portion of the canopy frame.   Easy-peezy!  



Anyway, that's it for now.  Thanks for looking.  

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3 hours ago, Jennings Heilig said:

That looks fantastic John!  Even the suggestion of that detail is a huge improvement over just a plain injection molded canopy.  

Thanks very much guys!  


Jennings, I’m not done yet.  I’ll still add a few more bits to the base and will probably tweak the cabling a bit.  Just realized that the pics I posted don’t really show the canopy interior in very good detail so when I’m done, I’ll throw up a couple of better pictures.    


Almost done lads!   Thank you all very much for the feedback.   



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I'm calling the canopy complete.   I added some hardware behind the red "push to release" button and at the base of the canopy to replicate locking hardware.  I then added the final set of cables.  I also moved those red canopy locks up a hair, as my original mounting points were too low.  As noted, I couldn't get things 100% accurate but to me at least, it looks better than the just the bare canopy bow that Tamiya left for me.    Maybe some kind soul would be interested in casting a bow interior in resin? 


I never noticed all this hardware before but now that I saw those pics, it'd be pretty hard to just use the kit parts.  Final parts count (not including the canopy and kit mirrors) is 23.  Add another 5-6 for parts I built and then launched into a different time zone with my tweezers.  Wow... such fun! :)   


Here are some pictures of the finished canopy.  Better to take them with the canopy off the aircraft, with the wings folded, they block the view.  I also added some paint scratches to the interior of the bow.  












Thanks for looking!  Next up is will be my feeble attempt at the wire antennas.   I'll be honest, I've never done these before and am not sure how it's going to work out.   In retrospect, I should have done this before I installed the wings because my access to the forward antenna post is now somewhat limited.   Any tips are much appreciated, especially since the Corsair's antenna configuration is somewhat involved.   

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