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Suresh Nathan

Post-war JV44 Clean-up

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Did some weathering and detailing with cables and hoses. The chains go together with magnets so it can be disassembled for transport. Also I cut off and repositioned the rudder and stabilizers to make it more organic. The mud shows how the Dora was dragged over the side of the hill. And you can see the bunker better now. 


20180924_223349-01_zpsm8kkty5d.jpeg   20180924_223423-01_zps1f93wqdo.jpeg


20180924_223533-01_zpsqiswvkik.jpeg   20180924_223450-01_zpsj7swvtos.jpeg




Just have a few figures and some small odds and ends left but its essentially done. Will post the link to the full article (with proper pictures) here when I'm done. Thanks for tuning in! 



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15 hours ago, LSP_Mike said:

Nice original composition, and well executed.

 I daresay though, I would not be standing under the wing when the plane starts to go.


Hiya Mike, 

I thought someone might bring that up. But you know.... Having served in an Artillery and Engineering unit, I've seen some pretty outrageous behaviour amongst tired servicemen. 



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7 minutes ago, Sabre F-86 said:

Excellent work. As for it happening, I just think about them bulldozing Nells into the drink off the end of a runway somewhere in Japan. Or Million Dollar point.

I considered something like that but showing a fighter being treated like trash was more than I could bear. Lol. 

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