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16 hours ago, scvrobeson said:

Now that's cool!   What kind of dimensions does a 1/32 Marauder have?



Its roughly 54 cm long and about 68 cm wide.


Here is the first vacuforming try:



The fuselage nose needs a second try, but the rest looks promising :frantic:

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On 8/16/2018 at 10:36 AM, AlexM said:


Evertything is done with Sketchup (with some plugins installed to make it more capable, most important Curviloft). I don't know many other programs, but from what I have read, Sketchup is rather a entry level software with basic features compared to othter programs. Without plugins, it is not suitable for that kind of modeling. But I like it for its ease of use.


Hi Alex,


very nice work you're doing here. Could you point out which plugins you're using with sketchup? I've tried my hand at Blender software but I just can't find my way with it while Sketchup is pretty straightforward.


Thanks, Wouter

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Speechless as always Alex, excellent work indeed. Just re-read your Hampden project as I am very tempted to try a vac form of a german twin once my G-4 conversion is finished !!


Regards. Andy

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