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Aratech Repulsor 74-Z Military Speeder Bike - FINISHED!


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I filled in some missing details like putting a wash on the dash, spraying an overall flat-coat on the body,  getting the various switches and knobs and what-not, getting the seat glued in, applying a muddy wash and mud streaks to the underside of the chassis, as well as the foot pegs, and finally, having enough CrossDelta camo decals left, I made a camo tarp for my trooper to take with him instead of the generic tan tarp.


In the end we got there. Im super pumped about the way its turning out. Heavily used and abused in military combat, in adverse weather conditions:



















Not far from final assembly now! 

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Lastly for tonight I finished off the trooper.  There was not much to do, and I was going to add some of the tiny decals that are supposed to go on him, but the wash I applied did most of that, so in the end I decided to skip the decals on teh trooper and just apply some more staining, as well as some thick mud to the bottom of his boots, and of coarse being based on a rain forest type muddy planet, a muddy was for his upper boots too:
















That's all for tonight guys. Ill probably finish this one out tomorrow, as I've already had a fit of the speeder bike chassis to the base, and like the rest of the kit the base fits perfectly.  This one was a great little project and just what I need to A.) clear the small side of my bench and B.) get some much needed MoJo back for the multi engined GB! 

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10 hours ago, LSP_Kevin said:

Superb work, Brian!




10 hours ago, LSP_Ray said:

That look's awesome, Brian! Love it!


1 hour ago, PhilB said:


That's a bit good!

Love the chipping and weathering on the bike.

Make him wipe his feet before he comes in your house though.





Thanks boys!  This one was JUST what the modeling Dr. ordered as far as MoJo!   Great fun, and some of THE best fit of any kit I've put together to date.    I actually finished assembling the bike last night, so Im basically done...........................just a matter of permanently affixing the foot peg bar to the chassis (I found it quite weak when attempting to pose the trooper on it) and getting the trooper posed on the bike. At this point Im not planning on attaching the trooper permanently to the bike, nor the bike permanently to the base, hoping I can just snap/set them together in a pose on the base. 


More pics this week after I finish up!    



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Well I forgot to all any bits of foliage to the front foils, but I'm calling this one done.  The kit went together SO smoothly it kinda makes me want to buy and build other Bandai stuff. The kit honestly had some of THE best fit and finish of any kit I've built, and in this case the many different colors and even textures of different plastics in the kit went a long LONG way a super enjoyable modeling experience, sci-fi, aircraft or otherwise.  If you've never put one of these new gen Bandai kits together, give em a go! You will be pleasantly shocked at the way everything just works, and fits together, exactly as they say it should.



Anywho, with not much effort it felt like at all, in the end the speeder bike pretty much built itself, and I just plopped our camo trooper on top!   

Here is my  finished  74-Z Military Speeder Bike:












I'm really happy with the way the bike turned out, with such seeming effortlessness.  The trooper seemed a tad bit more work, but only because of the tedious nature of the CrossDelta camo decals. They performed excellently actually, but because of all the crazy curves they had to go around, it took a lot longer to get the trooper done.

In the end though, even with the way Bandai made the figure a bit more on the toy side of things, it almost had to be that way if you wanted to be able to pose him on OR off the speeder bike. I may pose him standing next to the bike at some point too, as I think its a good mix of realism and "posability" for a figure. 


The finished product with forest Clone Trooper:





























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One of my favorite parts of how the bike turned out.......





















And lastly, probably my favorite shot overall, with an excellent impression of movement and of the bike actually hovering in motion:








Thanks to one and all who followed a long and commented, it was much appreciated! This one was a definite MoJo builder.  Onward and upward! 

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3 hours ago, dora9 said:

Nice work on that one specially the cammo on the trooper. Now get back to the big kitty! :D



Thanks Andre. This one was a real joy. I looked at doing the AT-ST or Snow speeder in my stash as well, but I was kinda shocked when I pulled them out and was turned off by the little "1/48" on the box.   :lol:


Honestly, I'm looking at some of their 1/72nd SW kits, as my end goal is to get one of the new tool Bandai Falcons, and thought a fleet of other to-scale craft around would be neat.  


The kitty is and shall remain on my main bench section till shes finished...............I need a bit more refreshment/time away. Absence makes the heart grow and all........

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