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Chattanooga 2019 convention


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That may change once the wheels , intakes etc. are out. There is a whole build article here , tons of reference pictures as well. It is not a complex conversion, just takes some time to research the particular airframe, since they were all different in lever and variety of upgrades and additions.

I know for sure that there is a whole bunch of Canadians who would appreciate a set from FunDecals.

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5 hours ago, Jennings Heilig said:


I only got the most lukewarm of receptions to the idea of doing decals for that bird in 1/32.


The decals are from Belcher's Bits. There is talk that Mike Belcher is working on bulged bomb bays for the HK Lanc which would allow one to build the wartime version of  VR-A amongst others.



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What a way to get excited about building scale models! Really great stuff plus great opportunities. I did get to the meet and great but since the photo etch class overlapped it had to leave early. My next build will be greatly improved as a result if there’s any consolation. Decided to help with judging tonight. I did ships which was different. Very enlightening. I have to believe This will also improve my future builds. Pretty much did all classes today. Radu’s was super enlightening! It’s funny how you learn why they do it the way they do and then realize what complete sense it makes ;) when you thought there was no rhyme or reason to why those parts don’t seem too scale lol 

So regardless of whether it’s LSP or not this is my favorite 



For LSP’s I’d have to pick these 3 but the WWI biplanes sure were tempting





Saturday going to spend looking at models in detail and going through the vendor room. Dang this is a huge event. Glad I’m here 3 days.

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Mike S has been working his 3D printing magic and there should be announcements coming out of Nats about distribution - I've sadly not been able to keep up with the news/pics/threads this time to know if it has been released or not, but I saw at our last club meeting what he's been doing and it is AWESOME...  I'll see what I can bring to Telford.  :innocent:   :m0152:

How did the LSP meet yesterday go?  We DEFINITELY need some pictures of the guilty parties!.  :beer4:



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8 minutes ago, phantom said:

There were around 20 large scale phantoms at this show!



I know they had a special large sale Phantom contest category this year, but I also saw a lot of 1:48 and 1:72 kits on display, way more  than what's typically seen. I imagine the winners will be announced sometime today or tomorrow, so that'll be interesting to see.

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On 8/9/2019 at 10:13 AM, Martinnfb said:

Anybody has. a better picture of this RCAF Lanc?  Build is from LSM and it sure deserves attention.


I get sick of the same old crap, so this rendition of the HK Lanc is one of my favourites. Ernie Ling built this, and I love it!

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