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Daniel Leduc

Libyan Mig-23MF, 0200 Tripoli August 2005

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Posted (edited)


Primarily used for roll control. Not used/deployed during normal landings. So you may want to depict them in closed position. Airbrakes: Also, usually not used/required during normal landings. Typical landing configuration: landing flaps at 50°, leading edge flaps at 20°.


After landing and while taxiing back to the parking position (typical):

  • Wing sweep set to 72° (flaps at 0°) when leaving the runway (without PTB-800 wing tanks)
  • 16° wing sweep (flaps at 0°) with underwing tanks
  • Para brake jettison on the taxiway within reach of the waiting ground crew member


"Sleeve & Pocket":

The notch between wing trailing edge and wing box was sealed by a spring-loaded sleeve that would retract or extend depending on the selected wing sweep. The sleeve itself retracted into a bolted-on pocket. At 16° the notch should be completely sealed off.







Another feature worth considering, unless it's too late, and the wing glove parts have already been glued together:



Ventral Fin - Assembly Guide, Step 15: 



Quite easily to fix with a wee bit of sheet styrene:




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Posted (edited)

Thanks Ivan, just the info I needed,


The wing glove and the Ventral fin can easily be fix but would need your leading egde photo back pls.....

and as for the wing anhedral drop, ummmm, that would be tricky, it's all glued with CA....:BANGHEAD2:


Maybe by using some de-bonder I could be able to split it without too much damage....

and the wing drop possibly by cutting the top beem...... not sure.



Gonna put it asside for a few days to think about it.

But that's a good timming cause I need to finish that baby for a next week IPMS contest in Montreal.



See you soon and thanks for watching.




Edited by Daniel Leduc

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