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Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

The Madhatter

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It shouldn't do as it was just the 1 possum that was residing in the roof.  The whole thing got replaced as did the cladding around the house up until Minday when the builders finally finished up and patched the last remaining entry point to the roof space. I knew he was there as I could hear him scratching around, and there was a water damage spot right above my desk that I knew could collapse if any weight was added to the back of it. The possum stepped on it and fell through, landing on a shelf above my workspace. Then it jumped down onto the floor and proceeded to clumb up my bookcase which had a fair number of historical builds including the Venator and a 72nd B2 which thankfully survived mostly in tact. The worst hit was the BR52 which was in 1000 pieces and the SU33 which was destroyed. Both have gone in the bin whuch was a shame as Iiked both , especially the 52 as that took me 6 months or so to build.  

As I was inspecting the Star Destroyer hull for damage I saw pee marks and some details have disappeared and will have to be remade.  The upper deck was spared and damage or other such issues.

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Well, moving on, the dark gray has been masked and now for the next and final shade of gray before the base coat goes down. I'm noticing that some of the paint is lifting which is not a good sign. This may end up being a total waste of time. We shall see






Well, that's where she's at. Still a long way to go yet, but I'm getting somewhere
Thanks for your patience and indulging me with this never ending build (4 years now!)



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Thanks Mongoose! I'm hoping that the paint lifting might help with weathering by bringing uneveness in the shades. That's a massive amount of hope though. One more round of masking to go. 

Then its onto the bottom to do it all over again :)

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Well, so far so good. I need to add some more filter to the roof panels which I will do over the next day or so to bring them into line with the main body.

I'll let you be the judge on whether or not the masking was worth it









Obviously, there is still a clear coat and wash to go but yeah, am happy with how its looking
Now to do the bottom part!


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