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1 hour ago, Bradleygolding said:


Yes I thought about an Avro504K and N afterwards and wondered about WNW? Not for the N of course....


Actually, I'm hopeful that if WNW do the 504 (please) there would be some precedent for the N, given that they have done the DH9A, Brisfit and Snipe in post-war editions.

1 hour ago, Bradleygolding said:

... As for the Beagle, I thought that was basically an Auster on steroids? So if you got one you, could convert to the other?


As you say, an Auster on steroids.  I dare say you could convert it, but it would be a lot of work.  It may seem an esoteric choice, but in my younger days I had a few happy hours in XW635.

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