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We have 4 animals, so hearing a "crashing sound" and having a few animals scatter is never a good thing in the house. When I heard this sound only 2 out of 4 were accounted for, so I figured it was probably a couple of cats getting into it. 




I wheeled around the corner from my living room to see a couple of awards I had place on the wall on the 3rd shelf, sitting on top of my B-25 Lady LiL at the very bottom of my display case....................but not before it bounced off of the wing of my OV-10D, which pushed it into my SPAD.  


Yay, a 3-fer. I have some repair work to do thats for sure, with the OV-10D taking the worst of it:











Got the antenna and only 1 missile on the SPAD. Even in model form the Skyraider is a tough bird:





The OV-10D got the worst damage by far. Itll take a bit to fix what was wobbly gear before the accident:










The awards that fell have been there for nearly 6 years, but needless to say,  Ill be taking the rest of the hanging ones down!  

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You're lucky

A year ago our brand new puppy got up onto my table, and proceeded to destroy the rear fuse half of a meng me 163

Needless to say he didn't come into my room for a looooong time

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For a moment, I thought something really happened to your Extra.


Talk about timing though.  I was looking to get my Spad down for those RFI pics and somehow the display case door caught the underside of the plane and sheared off a MLG door and the drop tank which is in the same markings as yours Brian! 


Good thing that brass gear for the OV-10 finally came out. 


Hopefully you'll get a chance to patch them all up soon. 


And glad to hear no pets were harmed. 





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Talking about cat-induced, but self-inflicted disaster ....


Remember that I was (still am, but so slooooowly) working on two Gee-Bees at the same time ? And that I had built from scratch two interior frames, like that :





Well, this got stalled as we decided last fall to make a big life change and not wait for retirement to move to Portugal ...


Anyway, I got my workbench reinstalled in the new place, and decided one day that it was time to look at resurrecting the Gee-Bees’ build...  Enter one of my nosy cats (always the same one, who already chewed a Fisher Cutlass cockpit) who found one these frames I had left out of its safe box ... This was too good an opportunity to miss for him, and he picked one of the frames one night. 


This one ended undamaged ( I suppose ) on the carpet in the office/modellng lair. But then comes clumsy, not-too-well-woken-up, 20-stone me the next morning. The next thing I know is I heard a cristalline snapping noise :( ... I had stepped on the frame, with instant result, and a collection of parts to pick-up :rofl: 




The good news is I am back working on the Gee Bees, but it must be the influence of living some 50 kms off Fatima (you know, two steps forward, one step back ... ;) ), I am just redoing one complete frame .




Oh, the (exciting) life of modellers with pets :) !




PS: Brian, time to put Ali’s cast brass gears for the OV-10 to good use ..’

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Brian, and all other guys with "pet-induced" accidents, hopefully the kits will recover under your excellent building skills.

And Brian,.........luckily your BIG CAT didn't get caught, ...did it?? 

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