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AOA Decals - VA-75 Sunday Punchers A-6 Intruders (Parts 1 & 2)


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I keep coming back to my favorite aircraft, here's more new upcoming A-6 Intruder sheets and updated reprint of the stencil sheet.

Similar to the previous VA-65 Tigers sheet, these again only cover one squadron, this time VA-75 Sunday Punchers.


32-027 (Part 1):

Includes two sets of basic schemes, both CAG and line jet schemes included. First pair (A-6A) cover their third and final Vietnam deployment and the next pair (A-6E) cover their more well known postwar white tail scheme. Includes markings for MER identifications as well as fuel tank markings.

Also included is a new expanded release of the complete A-6 stencil/marking sheet (32-026) which supersedes the original (32-002), this new sheet also includes a landing gear placards, walkway striping, and a few other minor additions. As before, it will also be available for purchase separately.


32-028 (Part 2):

A relatively small sheet covering two low viz schemes from the late 80s to the Desert Storm period. Decals also included for fuel tanks, tailhooks, ejection seats, ladder wells, landing gear, and speed brake interiors.









32-026 (included with 32-027)






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22 minutes ago, DONG said:

Very nice any chance of VA-196 A/E decals on a sheet by themselves ?


No, I'm VA-196-ed out after the five included on the large 32-009 sheet. In retrospect, I should've broken that sheet up into two parts. Lesson learned which is why the subsequent sheets are a little smaller.

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Part 2 is now in stock and available for purchase at www.AOAdecals.com


Part 2 is printed by Microscale, Part 1 and the new A-6 stencil sheet are printed by Cartograf and should be in soon so I've also enabled pre-ordering of those two.

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