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Matchbox/Revell 1/32 Tiger Moth

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I've wanted to build this kit for years but have been put off by rigging. Since I have two in the stash, I am building this one for experimentation before I go AMS on the next.

rg_4712_02.jpgAbove is ths 'stock' fuselage interior and 'floor'. The molded-on details inside have got to go and that floor needs work to be the centerline pedestal for seats and control hardware.rg_4712_04.jpg

Here the interior details have been removed and the holes for the canopy rails (Canadian version) have just been filled with Mr.Surfacer 500.


The tube framing process has started inside the fuselage. The molded-on compasses have been removed from the instrument panels, and the new wood floor is finished and ready to mount the centerline pedestal. The instrument panels will get the Airscale treatment next.

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I built one years (decades!) ago when it first came out, have one in the stash and always on the look-out for more.  It's a good kit; it has its limitations, not least the lack of detail and the dihedral on the lower wing, but a good model can still be built from the box without any modifications.  In fact, Phartycr0c did exactly that on here not so long ago.


Pulling up a chair and following.

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I built one many years ago as a kid.  It had pride of place on my shelf until an ex-friend picked it up and threw it across the room, after wondering out loud if it would fly...

I have three in the stash, one original Matchbox, and the other two Revell repops.  There are soooooo many civvy schemes available that I'm sure I'll pick up a few more as I see them.

Following this one - I'm very interested in picking up what can be done with these kits.

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