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Any Pokemon Go Players in LSP?

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Hi all fellow LSPers!


I tried to search the forum for previous posts but couldn't find any. So might as well start one myself, right?


Are there any Pokemon Go players in the forum? I am a semiactive player myself. I find that anything that encourages some physical activity in addition to sitting at the desk smelling paint and glue is good for the health in the long run, thus adding some years to complete building the stash.



Now that the game offers in game friendships with gift sending capabilities I thought that it would be nice to have some friends outside the local pogo community as well.


I understand that some might be reluctant to post their trainer codes in a public forum, I know I am. Feel free to send your code or request mine.


Br, Jani

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Played it a bit when it was just released and some more after the introduction of the second generation. It was fun for a while but I lost interest fairly quickly. Not sure if I'll ever pick it up again but I'll be sure to let you know.  ;) 

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I'm a first-person shooter guy myself, as I still have kids in the house to keep me active, but in line with what the Evil one has said above I have several coworkers who were into it heavily when it first hit but I noticed during the past year they didn't really talk about it and I didn't catch them with their phones out as I did previously. Probably just as well since we are teachers and I really wasn't keen on seeing them hunting Pokemon during class hours. The boss kind of frowns on that. Back then they used to brag about how many eggs they were hatching, who was evolving, or if they saw that during third block there was a Snorlax in the cafeteria.


That said, I wish you luck. I just hope that fashion wave hasn't yet crashed on the beach.

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