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Monogram Piper Tri Pacer Finished!

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Onto the paint stage.


I primed the model with my usual Tamiya grey fine surface primer, which showed up a few flaws that needed fixing with filler etc. I then primed it again with Tamiya white fine surface primer to give me a good base upon which I then sprayed a few thin coats of MRP white.




I then started the fun bit! I selected a nice side on photo of the real aircraft which allowed me to be able to `copy' the scheme. Starting with the cool tail flashes, I used the draw polygon feature in Sillhouette Studio to find each point of the triangle and then used the edit points feature to adjust each line accordingly.




I measured the size that I required the flash on the model using vernier callipers. I then drew a line corresponding to that size in studio and shrank it to fit that line. 




I used a similar process to do the registration letters. I left out the middle of the O and D, which I will explain later.




Using the Offset feature (which is one of my more used features, think roundels, wheel masks etc) I drew an internal offset on the O and D, which replicates exactly the outer shape and can be adjusted linearly rather than try and do it as per the above step.




I used the same process for the curved lines along the fuselage. These were a little harder and required a few cut and fits to get right. Here is the completed sheet, with masks for the wheels,  fuel filler caps and the rest of the scheme.








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Here are some of the masks applied. The Oramask 810 makes it very easy to place each mask.




I used Gunze Sangyo Sky blue with Mr Levelling thinner sprayed using low pressure for the scheme.






MRP tire rubber was used so that it wasn't too black!






Great success! A few areas of touch up around some of the raised detail (which I kept for the retro look) but overall, pretty happy with the models progress.









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2 hours ago, Troy Molitor said:

For a quick $17 K USD Peter, you can buy the real deal on Barnstomers.   I just saw a “must sell” notice for one.  Lol.  

Lovely efforts Eric!   Looks awesome as usual.   




$17 K eh?................................................!

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