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Panavia Tornado IDS, German Air Force

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Posted (edited)

Hey guys,

finished today my Revell Tornado. Wasn’t an easy task and i‘m not very satisfied with it....

I used:

- Paragon flaps, slats

- Avionics cockpit

- resin pilots

- Master metal pitot and AOA probes

- decals from HaHen (too thick....)


Hope you like it....















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Looks great to me as well. Nice finish!

Have one in the stash.

What did you not like? The kit or the add-ons?

I don't have any of the Paragon flaps or slats.



...first, the Avionics cockpit is a tad too wide, especially the 3 screens for the WSO, so the hood doesn’t fit right and the HaHen decal film is a PITA, too thick, too contrary to softeners..., well, my sheet...

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I love it, very inspiring my friend......  :goodjob:  

Have one Italian from Desert Storm on the back burner for almost 4 years cause of those Paragon flaps, 

got bord, couldn't figure out everything with that huge instruction booklet...... lol, a one tiny pager.. :doh:


But looking at your photos and my Fox One book, I finally got it...  :frantic:

most probably gonna move mine to WIP soon.




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